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Photo Film Screenprint Series

Jerome Daksiewicz pays tribute to analog photography with a series of film package-inspired posters


These days, shooting film photography is about much more than just taking an analog approach to the activity of capturing images. Every aspect can be savored—from the smell of fresh film to the acute understanding that each frame is precious. And, for Chicago-based designer Jerome Daksiewicz of NOMO studio, even the packaging of his film is worth recognizing. To celebrate the simple, informative graphic design seen on a range of mostly vintage film packages, Daksiewicz has created the Photo Film screenprint series.

While his interest in graphic design from days far gone may not be at an Aaron Draplin level of obsession, Daksiewicz’s keen eye has enabled him to select eight iconic packaging designs that any member of the greater photo community could admire. Visit the Photo Film screenprint series Kickstarter now to secure a print—produced by VGKids of Ypsilanti, Michigan—for just $30. And check Daksiewicz’s NOMO studio online for a look at other poster projects covering cycling, golf, airports and more.

Images courtesy of Jerome Daksiewicz


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