Plan B Vintage-Inspired Watches

Well-priced luxury timepieces with a case shape drawn from 1950s French watchmaking

As we’ve noted time and again, there’s no short supply of emerging watchmakers taking to Kickstarter to launch their debut products. Many of these brands cite throwback influences and strong materials. Rarely, however, are they as interesting as Plan B watches and their debut model, the Edmonton. These 43mm chronograph timepieces—featuring a battery-powered Ronda Startech Caliber 3520.D movement—manage to embrace the clean, classic stylings we often see thriving on the market these days. But from their hyper-specific case inspiration (1950s French watches) to the sun-ray concentric sub-dials, there’s just something more here. To tick off some other alluring attributes: there’s domed mineral glass that emboldens the dial and luminous hands and indicators. Plan B employed several types of stainless steel and finishes including a matte-coated case, brushed hands and polished crown and buttons. A lot of the attention to detail springs from founder Quentin Trudeau’s tenure in the watch world, where he worked in sales and marketing for premiere luxury brands. As for its name, Trudeau notes that each watch comes with a dress-up and dress-down strap, so consumers have a Plan B option.

As the campaign is fully funded, pledges starting at $199 CAD guarantee a Plan B watch. There are three different colorways: silver, black and gold. Delivery is expected in February 2017.

Images courtesy of Plan B