Plume Mudguard

Keep your bike's profile (and your back) clean with this sleek recoiling fender


Inclement weather and clunky fenders beware: Plume‘s new mudguard (a Britishism for fender) will keep cyclists on the road—and dry—no matter what Mother Nature has in mind, all the while keeping the aesthetic of the two-wheeled machine intact. Inspired by the less-than-arid British weather, the design goal with Plume is simple: to make a better mudguard.


Most mudguards on the market are made from brittle plastic that fail after a season or so. For cyclists, form and function often must go hand-in-hand, and many fender options today turn your sleek single-speed into a granny cruiser faster than you can say “upright hybrid.” Then there are the sleeker mudguards sold at most bike shops, which offer little in theft deterrence.


Cue the Plume. McMahon’s design is reminiscent of those snap-bracelets of yesteryear, which were almost addictively fun to use. A quick snap will send the Plume recoiling back to its dry-weather position; tucked away under the saddle in a clean and tidy manner. The Plume can also be extended or retracted while moving for those sudden summer downpours. There’s even a reflector strategically placed for added safety when retracted.


The Plume is also designed and built to last. Made with a stainless steel core rather than plastic, it forms a sturdy line of protection when extended. In fact, the Plume is manufactured by an airplane parts fabricator. In addition to its durability, the Plume is secured by wrapping completely around the seat post—rather than just snapping into place—which leaves would-be thieves riding wet and dirty.

Modern, easy to use and functional, it’s all the modern cyclist needs to keep dry, clean and (perhaps most importantly of all) making sure those clean lines of your favorite steed remain uncluttered. Visit Plume’s Kickstarter to get your hands on the first run of this innovative mudguard.

Images courtesy of Plume