Wooden bicycles and fenders from the Portland-based design and build shop

Ruphus-Slim-1.jpg Ruphus-Bowie-1.jpg

Founded this past September as a creative outlet for the smaller ideas that would otherwise go untouched by designer Matt Rafael at his home and interior design/build company Raphael Design, Ruphus utilizes Rafael’s 20 plus years of design experience to produce a modest range of furniture and bicycle-oriented products. While the innovative wooden Woodsman bicycle is immediately attention-grabbing (much like the design direction previously seen in the Oregon Manifest Bicycle Design Challenge) the purposefully-designed rear-wheel fenders are too clever and practical to gloss over.

Ruphus-Slim-2.jpg Ruphus-Bowie-2.jpg

The Slim fender cleverly melds a rack surface and U-lock holder with a fender. Available in maple, walnut and bamboo, the lightweight, solid fender attaches with minimal hardware for a quick on-and-off when not needed. The Bowie fender—on the other hand—attaches at the seat stay bridge and dropouts, offering a more sturdy, load-baring option. Designed perfectly to hold a six-pack, the sleek fender does well to blend form and function, utilizing lightweight hardwoods like maple and walnut. Visit Ruphus for a closer look at the Portland-made fenders.

Images courtesy of Ruphus