Ass Savers

A foldable, lightweight bike fender from Sweden that installs in seconds

ass-savers-1A.jpg ass-savers-1B.jpg

It’s no secret that cyclists are particularly sensitive to the aesthetics of their rides—whether it’s a tried and true steel frame commuter or a state-of-the-art carbon fiber racer—yet adding anything to distract from the bike’s original form is generally avoided. However when the rain falls, a clunky set of fenders almost becomes an attractive option. Adding to the list of well-designed solutions (like the CH favorite Plume Mudguard), a group of Swedes in the rainy southern city of Gothenburg figured out a way to keep their butts dry and their bikes looking fresh at the same time. The aptly named (and cheeky) Ass Savers provides adequate rear protection from the elements when you need it and easily folds away when you don’t. Requiring no hardware and causing no abrasion to the frame, seat post or saddle, this is the most low impact fender we’ve seen. The crew at Ass Savers aims to protect both your butt and the environment, using 100% recycled materials and sustainable production methods.


Weighing just 15 grams for the universal fit model and 18 grams for the specially designed wide model for vintage Brooks saddles, Ass Savers adds very little weight to your bike. While Ass Savers are perfect for city riding, they are perhaps best suited for hardcore roadies. Don’t fret about cluttering up your machine, simply fold away your Ass Saver, available in a wide range of colors (including a Red Hook Crit special edition colorway) and forget it’s there until the rain starts falling.

Made in Sweden, Ass Savers are available online starting at €8.

Images courtesy of Ass Savers