Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade

The innovative lighting brand introduces their first shade design, made of mouth-blown glass

Plumen-Drop-Top-1.jpg Plumen-Drop-Top-2.jpg Plumen-Drop-Top-3.jpg

In 2010, the Plumen 001 low-energy lightbulb was introduced, followed in January 2014 by the Plumen 002, a more subtle, organic design. To help display both achievements in an equally elegant housing, the London-based brand has now released their first shade, the Drop Top Lamp Shade. Made of mouth-blown glass, the visually soothing shade matches both bulbs’ sophisticated design without detracting from their ability to do what they do best: shine. The opaque shades gather the bulbs’ light and direct the full brightness downward to a single surface, creating varied moods depending on the hue of said shade—amber for a warm tone, white for a calming light and the black for something moodier and more intense.

The Drop Top Lamp Shade closes the loop of the Plumen modular set, working with the bulb and Drop Cap Pendant Set. Each shade can be purchased separately for $90 or in the complete modular set for around $150. Visit Plumen for more specifics on the new design.

Images courtesy of Plumen