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Plumen 002

The world’s second low-energy designer light bulb, elegant from all angles


For generations, the lightbulb remained a stagnant design—until 2010 that is, when the Plumen 001 was first introduced as the world’s first low-energy, designer bulb. Now today, Plumen again changes the game with the introduction of the new Plumen 002; a slighter, dimmer compact fluorescent bulb for spaces where lower, softer light is preferred. “What we’re trying to do with Plumen is mark a clear departure from the boring, predictable approach to designing lightbulbs,” explained Plumen founder and design director Nicolas Roope. And this they do well. The 002’s sculptural, almost liquid design remains reminiscent of the traditional Edison bulb, yet builds on the adventurous nature of the 001 with an equally contemporary form.

Plumen-002-image-1.jpg Plumen-002-image-2.jpg Plumen-002-image-3.jpg

To create the design, Plumen enlisted the help of Texan neon sculptor Tony Greer, known for his extensive work with illuminated and animated glass forms. Together with Roope’s design team 002 was born. “I graduated as a sculptor so once the option to shape the bulb in this way opened up, I knew we could get to something really special out at the end,” said Roope. Straying from the straight and uniform lines of 001, 002 achieves a delicate balance between organic and geometric. The loop design allows the fluorescent bulb to work properly while referencing the sculptural work of British artist Barbara Hepworth at once. While the lines are at a glance less dramatic, the inner-face is actually quite complex, says Roope. “The 002 is no less dynamic than the first design, it’s just a lot more subtle. Dimmer, quieter, warmer, but no less interesting we think.”

For a closer look at the design process and to secure a low energy Plumen 002 from the first production round (for just $30) visit Kickstarter.

Images courtesy of Plumen


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