Poligon Foldable Sculptures

From bed bugs to gorillas, charming animal sculptures made from brass and stainless steel


Anyone with a passion for design—or animals—will be a quick fan of Poligon‘s foldable magnetic sculptures. The clever British duo, Rodrigo Solorzano and Matthew White, met at the Royal College of Art and have made the perfect team for this project—with Solorzano’s previous work exploring paper folding and White’s production experience in making ideas a reality. The upshot is a Kickstarter to fund the production of their metal animal sculptures. From the tiniest bed bugs and ants, to whales and gorillas, the thoughtful design means that each Poligon creature is—though sharp, geometric and metallic—still entirely warm and charming.

Poligon-Sculptures-03a.jpg Poligon-Sculptures-03b.jpg

While the sculptures are delightful on their own, part of their charm lies within the fact that when they arrive on your doorstep, they are flat-packed and need to be assembled. The process has been fine-tuned to mean there are no fiddly moments and no tools required—just follow the instructions and start folding your way to a brass praying mantis or stainless steel penguin.


While the duo needs to tweak some fold lines and figure out packaging, they hope to do so with their crowd-funding campaign—and a pledge of just £10 will help them achieve that goal, plus score you a set of three brass bed bugs. There are plenty of options between, with the highest donation giving you the opportunity to choose an animal to be created—designed and produced just for you.

Images courtesy of Poligon