Preserve Toothbrush

Keep the environment and your teeth healthy with a unique subscription service


With an estimated 50 million pounds of toothbrushes ending up in U.S. landfills annually, there must be a better way to curb the waste of the everyday essential. After all, it’s only the worn-out bristles that need replacing, not the plastic handles that make up the bulk of the refuse.

A potential solution comes in the form of a subscription to Recycline’s Preserve Toothbrushes whose BPA-free handles are made from recycled yogurt cups. Included in the pack, along with the toothbrush, are self-addressed stamped envelopes so the used brush can be conveniently returned to the manufacturer for recycling.


The old dentist’s axiom says the brushes should be replaced every three months – so a $15 annual subscription can deliver a new Preserve Toothbrush within that timeframe, or every two months over an eight-month period. For those who can’t wait, Recycline offers four American-made brushes in a bulk pack, complete with return-mail packs.