First Look: Rolls-Royce Cullinan

A "high bodied" vehicle for schlepping family, caviar and more in the brand's first SUV

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After years of rumors, teases and discretion in sharing any details publicly, Rolls-Royce today unveils Cullinan, its first “high bodied” vehicle—also known as an SUV—and it’s not a statement of subtlety. Packed with the luxurious touches and best-in-class tech and driver-assistance features one expects from any Rolls-Royce, along with their iconic coach doors, the car is large enough for most family, hobby and casual tailgating needs. It features a rear deck “Viewing Suite” (Rolls speak for sitting on The Clasp, or tailgate, for comfortable sports viewing) and other options such as the Recreation Module. CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös says that the Cullinan was developed because of customer demand, “Our customers expect to go everywhere in luxury, effortlessly and without compromise, conquering the most challenging terrain to enjoy life’s most enriching experiences, wherever they may be.”

It’s the second vehicle, after the new Phantom, to utilize the “Architecture of Luxury”—the brand’s proprietary all-aluminum platform—showcasing its flexibility. Unlike any other SUV on the road, it offers a rear-seat glass partition, separating passengers from the cargo in the boot. Director of Design Giles Taylor notes that this creates the world’s first “three box” design for an SUV, allowing the rear of the car to be open while occupants remain sheltered from the noise and temperature outside. Those rear seats can be folded completely, making it easy to slide in that custom-made bicycle or flea market find. Cullinan rolls with an all-new, 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 Rolls-Royce engine powering all-wheel drive and an all-wheel steering system.

For those customers who desire an SUV with actual off-roading capabilities, Rolls-Royce assures that the Cullinan is built for more than a drive to the mall, “It’s an incredibly capable off-roader that sees the development of the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ for off-road enjoyment,” Taylor adds, “without sacrificing any Rolls-Royce on-road behavior.” We look forward to testing it on the road.

Pricing and global delivery dates have not yet been confirmed, but are expected later in 2018. For more details, visit Rolls-Royce.

Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce