RVW Furniture

New design-duo RVW combines Swedish heritage with meticulous detailing for beautifully modern furniture

by Richard Prime


Shunning flashiness and gimmickery, Malmö, Sweden-based furniture brand RVW stands for “consistency in creation” while preserving Swedish furniture heritage.

Founders Johannes Herbertsson and Jonas Nordgren explore the history of material use to slowly develop products which will stand the test of time and look good while doing so. The resulting beautifully-formed pieces demonstrate a borderline obsessive attention to detail with refined surfaces and materials.


A low-slung easy chair, dubbed Mollis, features a sleekly-molded veneer seat with low-profile padding that sits on a simple double-cross steel frame. Crafted in leather or fabric, it comes either powder-coated or with a raw brushed finish, while custom fittings in various metals add-on to enhance the level of luxury.


Catering to plants’ need to face the sun, Haijk—a perfectly proportioned small flower pot—tilts in its pine base to maximize exposure. Each comes with a small map showing where the pine was harvested and which part of the tree makes up the pot.

rvw-chair-1.jpg rvw-chair-2.jpg

With a holistic approach to design narrative and form, each RVW piece brings functional elegance to the home for a seriously strong and carefully-considered collection that shows a maturity beyond its years.