Sleeper Projects Drum Kit

The nesting drum kit that's full size, air travel ready, and has minimalist good looks too


Sleeper Projects‘ full-size nesting drum kit’s beautifully understated design features minimal hardware and maple shells with a handsomely subtle finish. Filled with clothes and belongings, the kit weighs under 50 pounds—enough to avoid extra airline charges.


With traveling light a necessity for any touring musician without Phil Collins numbers of roadies, drummer Tim Wilson of Brooklyn band Polite Sleeper, unhappy with the gaudy, undersized and overpriced ones on the market, designed the nesting drum kit. On tour it was so well-received that Wilson established Sleeper Projects to sell the custom drums, offering photography and screen-printing services through the site as well.


To get your own built-to-order kit, contact Wilson through his website.

via ReadyMade