Spring/Summer Bicycle Accessories

Seven of the latest and greatest ways to get the most out of your bike this season

With spring in high gear and summer right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with some long bike rides? Since you’ve already picked up a bike from our seasonal bicycle guide, we’ve put together a brief list of some of our favorite accessories for your spring pedaling.

CH-brookselect1.jpg CH-brookselect2.jpg

Conceived with the sporting cyclist in mind, Brooks’ B15 Swallow Select saddle was originally patented in 1937. This reproduction brings back the timeless design of hand-hammered copper rivets paired with a rich organic leather that breaks in for an ergonomic, customize fit better than other standard leather saddles. Although its minimal silhouette and aggressive design was originally intended for the avid road cyclist, this saddle also performs quite well for the ride-to-the-office-and-then-to-the-pub cyclist. Dropping in June, the B15 Swallow Select will sell for €190.

CH-panniers1.jpg CH-panniers2.jpg

Linus Bikes’ Market Bag is the ideal addition to any grocery-getter. The traditional panniers firmly secure to any rear bicycle rack with just a few brass snaps, making them easy to take off too. Constructed with tough waxed canvas and oil skin leather, the super-durable bags roll up neatly when not in use. The pair come with one adjustable shoulder strap for mobility and in multiple colors for $130.

CH-brooksbag1.jpg brooks-bag2.jpg

Another new product from Brooks—who’ve dominated the cycling world since 1866, by the way—the Islington Rucksack is a 2011 release obviously designed with the cyclist in mind. Constructed of sturdy water-resistant cotton and vegetable tanned leather, this pack has more than enough room for picnic supplies or a soccer ball for a relaxing weekend in the park. The innovative shoulder harness design allows for the straps to adjust to cross the chest or waist for added stability while riding, and coated cotton will scratch with prolonged use, lending an appealing patina. Grab it for €300.

CH-helmet1.jpg CH-helmet2.jpg

Specialized’s S-Works Prevail is the ultimate lightweight road helmet. Built with patented Kevlar-reinforced construction and designed with incredible ventilation, it keeps domes safe and fresh. It’s the lightest on the market and so aerodynamic that you may just go faster with this puppy. Our favorite feature has to be the simple Mindset micro-dial fit system with height adjustability that makes for a perfectly comfortable fit for any-sized noggin. Available for $230.

CH-outlierz3way1.jpg CH-outlierz3way2.jpg

Made in NYC and designed to soften the harsh blow of an east coast summer, Outlier’s Three Way Short is constructed of their branded 4Season fabric woven in Switzerland by Schoeller Textiles to produce an extremely breathable material to keep you cooler in the heat, resist stains and dry fast. These sleek shorts have an 8.5″ inseam landing just above the knee for a classic (think Gold Finger-era James Bond) and comfortable fit. Perfect for keeping you looking sharp even after the commute, trip to the beach or a friend’s BBQ, they represent summer style up for grabs in multiple subdued colors for $128 a pop.

CH-bikelight1.jpg CH-bikelight2.jpg

Princeton Tec’s new Push bicycyle light delivers 260 degrees and 68 meters of visibility, powered by a 100 lumen vessel light with up to 63 hours of burn time. Small windows on the side emit flashing red lights to keep drivers notified of your presence, while the powerful LED illuminates the way. In addition to an easy on/off switch, an ingenious bar mount mechanism easily detaches to prevent the little gadget from getting permanently “borrowed.” All this in a tiny package costs just $50.

CH-biketool1.jpg CH-biketool2.jpg

Small and portable, Avenir’s Mini Tool is accented with wood and has everything a bike enthusiast needs. From hex wrenches to a chain tool and even a phillips head screwdriver, this multi-tool is the ultimate cyclist pocket gadget. It’s a great buy for the buck at just $14.