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Starck Beer Bottles


Continuing his crusade to touch every product segment imaginable, Philippe Starck has done a package redesign for the 340 year old French brewery, Brasseries Kronenbourg. The fluted glass bottle, drinking glass and screw top will no doubt be released in limited numbers to increase desirability.

Starck's goal was to highlight the noble nature of beer, "La bière, c'est du pain liquide, comme le disent les médecins, plus sain que le vin, parce que moins alcoolisé, plus naturel. Ensuite il est noble parce qu'il désaltère la presque totalité du monde, il est donc noble parce qu'il est populaire.". Loosely translated, beer is like liquid bread, healthier than wine and more natural, and it's a popular thirst quencher worldwide. –via

In addition to having a simple and hygienic design, I like that the screw top can pays subtle respect to the company's historic roots all the way back to the Scientific Revolution.


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