TC+ BJ = 23 Art Intervention

Artist Tofer Chin shrinks his trademark stalagmites for a set of rings befitting Bijules


Artist Tofer Chin‘s signature stalagmites have taken many forms over the years—as massive installations popping off gallery walls and planted in parks, and as the geometric force breaking up mathematically-derived Op Art patterns in mind-bending paintings. But the LA-based artist’s sharp expressions, on view in his current solo show “Totally“, are about to receive a fashionable change-up from Bijules‘ NYC-based jewelry designer Jules Kim.

For one night only, the collaborative duo will present “TC+ BJ = 23 Art Intervention“, shrinking Chin’s stalagmites to serve as stands for a limited-edition set of Bijules gold rings. The elegantly irreverent designer explains, “I am excited and honored to have a respected contemporary allow me into his sacred space and to trust my direction wholeheartedly.” Perpetually “collaborating in spirit and friendship” since meeting in Chin’s LA studio years ago, the pair pull off a seamless exchange between art and fashion.


Each of the 23 gold rings is signed and numbered by the two artists and comes with a Tofer Chin miniature stalagmite. Check them out at NYC’s Lu Magnus Gallery 10 February 2012, where they will be on view as part of Chin’s exhibition through 17 February 2012, or pick one up now from the Bijules web shop for $600. RSVP for the opening through Good People.

Photos courtesy of Image Agency