Rojo Magazine's in the midst of celebrating the launch of its newest issue, Rojo®egal, a weighty edition packed cover-to-cover with photographs, illustrations and graphic design pieces from over 30 international artists. Printed on quality paper stock, the text-less, quarterly magazine fits in next to the art and design books on your bookshelf.

Rojo operates from both Barcelona and São Paulo, using those cities as a base to maintain its elaborate network of 500 artists who they often call upon to contribute to projects commissioned from big-time clientele, ranging from one-off concept mags for Nike and design work for Smart to inviting artists to hang work in its Rojo Artspace gallery in Barcelona. (The current show features Tofer.) But other than providing paychecks to their bevy of associated artists, the creative agency promotes the artists' works through limited-edition books focused entirely on the artist.

The agency's planning to open a São Paulo art gallery in the next few months.