Tetra’s Aesthetically Elevated Smoke Shop

A design-forward hub for all things aglow

With a continued legal embrace of marijuana—not to mention cigars and the plentiful array of other herbal, smokeable plants—it’s about time someone set to selecting beautiful, well-designed smoking accessories. Launching today, Tetra and its founders do exactly that. Created by three design journalists and curators, including Sight Unseen co-founder Monica Khemsurov, Tetra sells exquisite—oftentimes limited edition—household and portable items that aim to elevate the aesthetics of smoking. This isn’t a new concept, but harks back to the days of Dieter Rams, Enzo Mari and even centuries beforehand. Yet, as the societal taboo of marijuana lifts, Tetra is a pure example of renewed interest in quality products surrounding the pastime.

Tetra’s broad definition of a smoking accessory leaves room for exploring many things set aflame—and beyond. They presently stock the expected: ashtrays and snuff boxes, pipes and pouches. But there’s more, from incense and holders to fragrances. Not only do they have exclusive products from well known designers, they also offer hand selected vintage accessories. The through-line to everything happens to be the balance of beauty and function. As with most high-design, some of the prices can be steep, but Tetra did a good job of offering entry-level pieces, as well.

Among the designers, CH favorites Apparatus Studio and ceramicist Helen Levi have work available (the latter offering an exclusive ashtray/pipe stand of her gilded hand piece). A few items by acclaimed designer Tom Dixon—a cog and a trove—also warrant attention. There are minimal, future-forward pipes and ornate canisters. There’s even a matching lighter and matchbox holder, crafted from solid brass but hand-patinated with a unique blue hue—designed by Cofield. If you are a smoker and a design enthusiast, there’s nothing quite like Tetra.

Explore all of the products sold by Tetra online. The site also features an editorial blog.

Images courtesy of Tetra