The 3rd Annual Lovie Awards Finalists

The judges have selected the standout minds driving the European internet community, and it's your turn to vote for who gets gold


After a second year of successful media partnership, Cool Hunting is excited to share the finalists for 2013’s Lovie Awards. As the European sister to the US-based Webby Awards, the Lovies honor the brightest and most daring minds in the digital world. The judges—a team made up of hundreds of tech and design savvy individuals from the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences—chose finalists from submissions covering the entire span of content on the internet. If it was new, original and on the web, it was fair game for submission. Now, with the finalists chosen, it is your turn to choose your favorite submissions for the People’s Lovie. With such a well-rounded group of judges evaluating the many thousands of entries, the finalists represent the best of the internet’s arts, design, communication, user experience and more—and they’re ready to be judged one last time by an audience of thousands more.

For their third annual awards, the team added more individuals to the judging academy, increased the number and breakdown of judging categories and introduced awards under an all-new Social classification. After adjusting the criteria to keep up with the fast-paced nature of web innovation, the judges filtered through thousands of entries—which were separated into Mobile & Apps, Websites, Online Advertising, Internet Video and now Social—for four months. This year’s team of judges included the minds behind successful internet ventures like SoundCloud, The Next Web, DECODED, TweetDeck and many more.

After the people’s vote, the winners will be announced on 15 October. Other entries deserving of honor but not qualified for gold, silver or bronze recognition were placed on the Lovie Shortlist, which was just announced and represents the work of designers from over 20 European countries. Be sure to check them out after you’ve elected your favorite finalists for 2013 gold.