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The Architectural Design of the National Juneteenth Museum

In Fort Worth, Texas, the forthcoming National Juneteenth Museum intends to become a focal point for discourse and education surrounding the annual date that honors the emancipation of African Americans. Designed by Bjarke Engels Group (BIG) in collaboration with the Black-owned design and build firm KAI Enterprises—though originally imagined by Opal Lee, known as “The Grandmother of Juneteenth”—this 50,000-square-foot cultural epicenter blends the gabled silhouettes of the Forth Worth’s Historic Southside neighborhood with a “nova star” layout that surrounds a central courtyard (which will be open to the public). “As a Black architect, this project is one of the most rewarding experiences of my career,” BIG partner Douglass Alligood says in a statement. “After nearly 40 years in this profession, I have the opportunity to lead a design for a project that is focused on African American culture. Our engagement with Ms Opal Lee and members of the community, to really understand their needs, is what informed a lot of the design principles.” Read more about the meaningful architecture and materiality at designboom.

Image courtesy of Bjarke Engels Group, KAI Enterprises and Atchain

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