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The Art of Clean Up

A collection of artist Ursus Wehrli’s neat and tidy compositions


From Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli comes “The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy,” a collection of everyday objects that have been obsessively organized into systematic still lifes. Wehrli shows off his penchant for comedy and color composition in the series, which is a follow-up to his earlier book “Tidying Up Art.” His meticulous reconfigurations range from meals to plants to groups of people, and each time Wehrli finds commonalities of form, color and quantity to guide the arrangement.


Wehrli’s methodical masterpieces have garnered him much attention since originally releasing the book in his native Germany in August 2011, and the English edition is sure to attract a new set of neat freaks stateside and beyond. The photographs are not only visually compelling, but they serve as a fascinating look into an alternative reality in which chaos has given way to careful geometry.

“The Art of Clean Up” is available from Chronicle Books and on Amazon. See more spreads from the book after the jump.

Images of the book by James Thorne


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