The Bosco

Brooklyn's new 3D photo booth brings the party to life

bosco-photo2.jpg bosco-photo1.jpg

Riding the wave of photo booth fun, Brooklyn-based company, The Bosco, takes the frenzy a step further with the first 3-D and automatic GIF picture-takers. The Bosco is the brainchild of co-founders Nick Fehr and Aaron Fisher-Cohen, who met through a mutual friend.


“We want to capture stories and bring self-made art to events and installations,” says Fisher-Cohen. The filmmaker and New York native first started developing the idea of a video booth post-college. “I always thought about ways one could capture honesty on film, and I kept going back to eliminating the camera person,” he says.

A backend developer hailing from the Bay Area, Fehr became interested in photo booths at UCLA where he and a friend used to run a DIY photo booth company. He joined forces with Fisher-Cohen in the summer of 2011, and in February 2012, they set up shop in their Bushwick, Brooklyn space.

In rethinking the photo booth in the context of the digital age, The Bosco’s exclusive line of rentable photo booths and video confessionals embraces the intersection of emerging technology and art. Equipped with an iPad-based interface, the maching allows users to print their photos as they are simultaneously uploaded to the Internet, enabling instant social media sharing. The capabilities of the Bosco’s booths include GIFs, 3D and HD images, and videos—all of which can be tailored to the user’s specifications. “The idea is to create a self-portrait experience that looks and feels high-end,” says Fehr.

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To learn more about the social photo booth or to book The Bosco and for pricing, go to their website.