Thin King Salmon Skin Card Case

An aluminum answer to a bulky wallet, handmade in Helsinki

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Designed and produced one at a time in Finland, Thin King is Helsinki’s answer to the bulky wallet most people have sworn to never own again. The sturdy anodized aluminum card case has been making noise in design circles for a while now, and the brand’s latest offering is likely to only amplify this. Launching today, 15 October, Thin King introduces the salmon skin Heritage Line. While seemingly unconventional, “salmon leather” is actually quite a popular construction material in Iceland and across Scandinavia. Chosen for its strength, smooth texture and light weight, the material also makes for a truly unique look.


Each organic farm-raised salmon is specifically selected for its natural scale pattern, which in turn lends an entirely unique look to each card case. Once tanned—using chrome-free dyes—the skin is stretched over an aluminum Thin King case and individually stitched. The painstaking process creates a true one-off product and, due to the laborious production techniques, only 50 salmon skin cases will be made in total.


As with any limited edition product, they aren’t likely to last long, so head to Thin King online where the salmon skin Heritage Line is now available for €79 per card case. For a closer look at the manufacturing process see the slideshow.

Images courtesy of Thin King