Tucker Viemeister’s Log Type E Chair

A piece inspired by an iconic Eames design, carved from a red oak trunk

With a balance of timeless inspiration, new technology and traditional material, industrial designer Tucker Viemeister created the Type E chair. Viemeister took the physical impression of the classic Eames plastic mid-century chair and embedded it into a red oak log. “The guys at Wooda challenged me to make a chair,” he explains to CH, “but I told them I already liked the Eames chair.” Upon further consideration, he thought, “What about all this new technology [available at Wooda]? With that we can take the file and grind it into something different.”

“I grew up with them. They’re kind of an icon for everybody now,” Viemeister says regarding his appreciation for the source inspiration. He also notes that perfection is key, because people are so familiar with the form. As for the material, it’s very much antithetical to the plastic used by Eames; a return to natural materials. A requirement became sourcing logs of the right diameter. Too small, and the seat would slip off the edge. Too big and there’s an odd shoulder. Ultimately, the resulting piece celebrates the original while introducing a piece of furniture that’s substantial, rustic and reverential.

The Type E is available online at Wooda for $7,000.

Images courtesy of Wooda