Vintage Movie Poster Auction at Paddle8

Bid on some the most iconic artwork made for film—from Barbarella to James Bond


Movie posters are like big screen remakes—replicas may come a dime a dozen, but for the real cinephile there is nothing like an original. Fortunately, online auction house Paddle8 has managed to dig up a collection of marvelous vintage posters, with bidding open today through 20 January. This curated selection of prints features the iconic Mid-Century illustration and designs created for films that have earned permanent positions on the list of standard classics. Starting bids range from $100 for the poster created for Todd Haynes’ glam-rock cult classic Velvet Goldmine, to an impressive $11,500 for Mitchell Hooks’ iconic artwork for Dr. No, the first-ever James Bond movie.


Paddle8 adds to the auction experience by tapping connoisseurs to offer their expertise on not only the artwork at hand, but also the culture surrounding the pieces up for bid. Collector Ralph Deluca, for instance, discusses the multi-faceted importance of movie posters beyond their intention of advertising, noting that “vintage posters show us which trends in typography held weight, chart the public rise and fall of famous faces, and preserve the rhetoric we used to talk about these figures.” Interior designer Noa Santos demonstrates how to decorate around a movie poster without feeling like you’re pasting up an old dorm room wall. These conversations alone make the auction worth checking out, even if you don’t plan on bidding.

Vintage film posters ($100-$11,500) are up for auction on Paddle8 from today to 20 January 2015.

Images courtesy of Paddle8