Visual Reference’s Thermal Stool


Visual Reference Studio's Swamp Collection takes its inspiration from the depths of the Mississippi marshlands where their studio is located. With the Cypress Stool, Duckweed Lounge and Swamp Bench/Lounge from the collection, design team Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne have taken Frank Lloyd Wright's original vision of nature-inspired designs to a whole new level.

The organic shaped thermo-chromatic furniture uses heat sensitive crystals to elicit a color change when touched—kind of like those mood rings and hyper color t-shirts you had back in grade school. Any body part that comes into contact with the seat leaves a negative imprint.

Each piece comes in two color combos; black to blue or red to violet. The stools also act as an in-house thermometer, gaging room temperature and changing the color of the bench as a whole accordingly.

Relaxers beware: Although the imprinted silhouette fades after a matter of seconds, the sitter must be prepared for a tell-tale polarized impression on display directly after departure.

via MoCo Loco