Motion Box-Set

The London-based artist Von develops his "Animal Series" in a new hands-on collage process


We first wrote about London-based artist Von‘s “Animal Series” when he exhibited at Brooklyn’s Espeis Gallery back in 2007. Since then, his delicately rendered and abstracted monochrome images of various animals from the series have appeared on the catwalks of Milan, the pages of Creative Review’s monthly publication Monograph and even on billboards in both London and New York. Now, the artist has released “Motion,” a limited edition box set of five new prints that sees the series move in a totally new direction.


Each print in the box-set features an illustration of a bird in flight paired with a single brush stroke in a new hands-on collage process that Von hasn’t exhibited in his work before. “The birds are all drawn by hand as usual, but instead of that being the end of the process, they are then scanned, hi-res printed onto paper and assembled by hand onto wooden boards using wheat paste,” Von tells CH of the methodology behind these new images.


“The paint marks are made directly onto these boards so what you see in the box-set prints are direct scans of the actual pieces created by this process,” he continues. “It’s very much hands-on, with all compositional decisions made outside the comfort of a Mac. I really enjoyed playing with how the the drawings, gestural brushstrokes, tones and the way the paper is torn all interrupt and combine with each other to create something new.”


Selected from a strict edition of 50, each bound and wax-sealed “Motion” box-set contains five signed and numbered prints. The box itself is handmade and is also individually numbered and signed by the artist. Five of the 50 box-sets will contain a bonus signed original bird drawings on vintage French postcards—inserted at random to give five lucky collectors a nice surprise. The box-set retails for £225 and can be found at Von’s webshop.

Images courtesy of Von