WantedDesign 2012 Highlights

Five standout designs from the event's breakthrough sophomore exhibition


After a well received debut last year, WantedDesign is back again at NYC’s Design Week with an even more impactful exhibition showcasing both new and known international designers and architects. This was the break-out year for WantedDesign for its fine curation and product presentation, and while it was a strong show overall, here are five outstanding pieces of innovative and inspiring design.

Wanted-Highlights-2.jpg Wanted-Highlights-3.jpg
Live Screen

Using hydroponics in a more stylish form than usual, the Live Screen from Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe is a self-sustaining planter system for the indoors. With this elegant, modular design, urban gardeners can enjoy the fruits of their labor even without a rooftop. Although still a prototype, we anticipate production of the structure soon.


Ball Lamps

Feeling both retro and futuristic at the same time, Big Game‘s Ball Lamps take inspiration from the “Hang it all” racks by design legends Charles and Ray Eames. These bakelite spheres take on any number of colors and sizes in this form, giving both the designer and consumer a wide range of beautifully stylistic pieces. Look to Tamawa to learn more.

Wanted-Highlight-6.jpg Wanted-Highlight-5.jpg

The flat-pack oragami-like side table from Argentinean designer Heidi Jalkh was another highlight of the show. By using CNC-cut textiles to cover the wood’s top surface, the foldable Fiber table retains its integrity and singularity, while the thread stitching adds a hint of craft to the industrial design. Still in the prototype phase as well, keep an eye on Jalkh for updates, or reach out directly to help bring the concept to fruition.


Folded Steel Side Table

The minimal folded steel side table from furniture designer Martin Konrad Gloeckle combines a book shelf, side table and magazine rack into one impressively well considered piece. Keep an eye on the Gloeckle office for design for more information on its upcoming release.

Wanted-Highlight-8.jpg Wanted-Highlights-9.jpg

In the Maori creation story, the gods gave mankind three baskets containing the knowledge to live well—knowledge of the natural world, the spiritual world and the rational world. Native New Zealander David Trubridge interprets this stuff of legend in three teardrop shaped lights. Using an energy efficient LED spot light and bamboo, polycarbonate and aluminum, the three hanging baskets create a beautiful mixed material light source. For more information and a list of retailers see Trubridge Design online.

Images by Josh Rubin