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Wesley & Kemp’s Record Easel

The new Detroit-based brand launches with a selection of lifestyle products made in Michigan

Freshly launched lifestyle company Wesley & Kemp shows off the spirit of Detroit and the Midwest, and incorporates collaborations with local artists and makers like Michigan’s Mercy Supply. The standout from Wesley & Kemp’s debut collection of thoughtfully designed goods has to be their patent-pending A-Frame Record Easel. Made in Michigan from powder-coated steel, the simple and clean stand displays album covers upright, offering visual accompaniment (and identification) to the vinyl spinning on the turntable. The easel is roomy enough to hold four LPs at a time, so you can prep a “physical” playlist when friends are over. It’s also just plain thrilling to pull records from their storage space once in a while and rotate through your favorite album covers; artwork that was meant to be seen, not shelved.

Peruse the rest of Wesley & Kemp’s debut collection online, or at a few brick-and-mortar places around Detroit, like record shop Paramita Sound. We’re particularly smitten with their locally made soy candle named Atmospheric Adjustment; it has an intensely aromatic blend of mahogany and leather, and best of all, a wooden wick that crackles like your own (portable) campfire. Stay tuned as promising quality concepts are in the works, such as a compact audio system.

Images courtesy of Wesley & Kemp


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