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Joseph Wesley Black Tea

A Detroit-based company producing quality single-origin brews


The Motor City is producing much more than cars these days, with brands like Shinola leading the way, Detroit‘s future is looking bright. On a recent trip there, CH came across an unlikely local product, Joseph Wesley Black Tea. While studying in Malaysia, founder and Detroit local Joseph Wesley fell in love with all aspects of the ancient beverage, from intricate growing and brewing techniques to the role of tea in custom, culture and philosophy across the world. After clocking out of his nine-to-five for good, Wesley followed his passion for single-origin black tea.


To ensure the highest quality of tea for his customers, Wesley has cultivated relationships directly with growers in India and China. We tested three of Wesley’s Chinese teas: the Dian Hong Congfu, Keemum Congfu and the Bai Lin Congfu. Wesley includes brewing instructions (steep time and suggested water temperature) to get the most out of the teas along with caffeine rating levels to keep your jitters in check. For tea novices there are tasting notes to guide your palate, but ultimately the complexity of the tea rests largely on your imagination. While most of us drink coffee or tea for the pick-me-up, or perhaps just out of habit, the depth of Wesley’s tea is a reminder to stop and indulge the senses. By slowing down and focusing in on each, tea drinkers are better able to appreciate its nuances.

Not just for sipping, Wesley has a range of recipes that incorporate tea in unique ways. A 50 gram package of single-origin tea starts at $10 and are available online.

Photos by Hans Aschim


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