Wolfum Holiday Ornaments

LA-based designer Annabel Inganni's contemporary take on holiday ornaments


Designer Annabel Inganni of LA-based Wolfum approaches her designs with the goal of balancing geometric, organic and traditional prints in her collection. Her patterns are created with the aid of a computer that gives her the ability zoom in, flip or multiply a motif. As a self-professed clumsy person, Inganni produces items with lines and patterns that don’t always match up, but it only adds to her goal of preserving the personality and human touch in her work.

Wolfum holiday ornaments are hand-printed on FSC certified Baltic birch wood. A swinging chimpanzee dangles from colorful embroidery floss, while the long neck giraffe stands in a stately pose and the sweet deer shape gives a touch of woodland creature charm for the holiday. Inganni explains her technique for fusing the pattern and the wood shapes: “The digital process allows me to engineer the print for each product, so there is no repeat and each piece has a handmade element—no two are exactly alike.” She adds, “The patterns and shapes are inspired by nature, family, music, vintage textiles from my vast collection of scarves, napkins, tea towels, and the fashion industry.”


With her goal of “creating timeless, heirloom quality items that can brighten up your home, and make you smile,” Wolfum ornaments transform the seasonal task of holiday decorating into a charming wonderland. While Inganni will be enjoying a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner of meatballs, cabbage, and red bliss potatoes with dill during her family’s Christmas Eve and waking up for presents and coffee cake on Christmas morning, her animal ornaments will have found their way into the homes of holiday celebrations around the globe.

Wolfum ornaments are available online for $22 each.

Images courtesy of Wolfum