World Clock by 11+

A rolling, interactive take on all 24 time zones around the world


South Korean design house 11+ is quickly gaining a reputation for its elegant yet approachable modern take on home accessories. The World Clock is an interactive desk clock that stylishly masks its complexity in a simple, minimalist design. A cylindrical body allows the clock to show times for all 24 timezones by rolling the clock across a surface. Set your home time zone, then roll the clock to one of 24 cities around the world, the autonomous hands instantly adapt revealing the time in Zurich before rolling back to your HQ in Los Angeles—or wherever you might be. While digital solutions to the world clock exist, few have the personality or style of 11+’s World Clock.

Pick up the South Korean-made World Clock—available in three colorways—for $50 from 11+ retailers around the world. And feel good about it too, as 11+ supports clean water initiatives with each item sold.

Image courtesy of 11+