Three New Flax Foods

Delivering healthful omega-3s to vegans and habitual snackers

As one of the few vegan and vegetarian sources for omega-3 fatty acid—the essential fatty acid with a slew of healthful benefits to its name—it’s no wonder flax seed bears a “superfood” designation. But for all its known advantages, flax seed isn’t exactly a common ingredient in everyday foods—at least not yet. From a meal replacement bar to a dairy alternative, here are three new ready-to-eat flax products that are pushing the trend.


PROBAR Superfruit Slam bars

Intended to satisfy the nutritional requirements of a single meal, these vegan whole food bars pack organic flax seeds in with a mix of other superfoods, including organic acai, mangosteen, camu camu and purple corn. The bars aren’t baked, so they retain a moist and chewy texture that pairs well with the sweetness of the dried fruits, while the absence of preservatives means eating cleanly as you fuel up.

Sold at select grocers nationwide and online for $2.99 per bar

kind-flax-1.jpg kind-flax-2.jpg
KIND Vanilla Blueberry Clusters With Flax Seeds

As the latest addition to KIND’s Healthy Grains line, this whole grain granola is a healthy and delectable snack that bears the distinct flavor of blueberries, without being overly sweet. As a marquee ingredient, the granola’s flax seeds provide 750 mg of omega-3 fatty acids while other whole grains like amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet and buckwheat make for clusters that are big enough to be enjoyed as bite-size pieces — to be enjoyed by the handful or the bowlful. Bags sell for about $5 at KIND’s online shop, or click here for store locations


Good Karma Flax Milk

Adding to your grocer’s expanding aisle of non-dairy products, Good Karma’s flax milk is a low-calorie, non-GMO, soy-free alternative to the other dairy alternatives. Its amount of omega-3s alone —1200 mg per serving — is reason enough to start pouring it onto cereal, or into coffee and blended smoothies. Flavors include Original, Unsweetened, and Vanilla, all ranging from 25-60 calories per one-cup serving — much fewer than most milk-like products, yet the flax milk is surprisingly creamy. The slightly sweetened vanilla, our favorite, pairs nicely with coffee, without the need for additional sweetener. Good Karma is available on Amazon in packs of 12 ($28 per pack), and at select natural grocers natural grocers for $3.50-$4.50 per half gallon.