Arrf Scarf Ice Cream for Dogs

Frozen yogurt and whole food dog treats from a Chicago-based company


Beef Brisket, Peanut Butter Bacon and Gouda Burger probably aren’t the flavors that come to mind when you think of ice cream. But then again, you probably don’t have four legs and identify with a certain type of breed. Leo Emerson—a Brussels Griffon who is subbing in as office mascot while our faithful dogs Otis and Logan are on holiday—is a huge fan of the Arrf Scarf ice cream line. In the last few days, he’s indulged plenty and appears to enjoy the novel treat, even attempting to abscond with a lump of Peanut Butter Bacon into his dog bed.


Born in a food cart on the streets of Chicago, Arrf Scarf began vending dog treats and meat-flavored ice cream to privileged pets around the Windy City. All of the meat is sourced locally and the treats are handmade without preservatives—proof of the company’s commitment to quality. The cart continues and Arrf Scarf can be found in local Chicago retailers, but the company has expanded with a full-service online shop that ships their ice cream across the country (for an $8 shipping surcharge).


Slow roasted for eight hours and mixed with yam puree, the smell of the Beef Brisket flavor did tempt a human trial, but in the end we stuck with the equally distinctive Jeni’s Splendid and let Leo have his fill. We were concerned about the prospect of serving ice cream to a dog, but the yogurt-based concoction has yet to upset his stomach.


On the dry goods side, Arrf Scarf offers pizza crust-inspired twists, bacon macaroons, and pumpkin pumps, a seasonal specialty. Treats can be ordered through the Arrf Sarf online shop, and you can keep up with the company through their blog, where they regularly post whole food recipes for curiously flavored doggy treats.

Images by James Thorne