Ballard Bee Company

Raw unfiltered honey produced in Seattle backyards

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Corky Luster is a Seattle-based certified beekeeper. Two years ago he launched Ballard Bee, an enterprise he calls an “urban pollination company.” His fast-growing initiative includes 60 onsite beehives at his Northwest Seattle home, plans to expand to 100 in the coming year and hives placed throughout his neighborhood. Luster maintains the hives and compensates sponsors for their time and the use of their property with jars of Ballard honey—a deal so sweet that next season’s spots are already filled.


Each jar’s laboratory-inspired packaging lends a modern feel to the product, while the honey itself actually comes in a more natural state than most conventional brands. Whereas many mass producers heat their honey and press it through very fine filters which not only destroys natural enzymes but also alters the taste, Luster’s honey is raw and unfiltered.

Ballard honey sells in 22-ounce jars at vendors throughout the Northwest, as well as online from Blackbird for $21 per jar.