A Crimson-Colored Gin and Punch for Fall

Boodles' new Mulberry spirit offers weight for seasonal change

In addition to improving the overall quality of the mixed drinks we consume, the craft cocktail movement has opened the American market not only to the storied classic cocktails of old, but also to once-thriving product categories. One such subdivision is sloe gin—a lower ABV liqueur (still hefty at 60 proof) created by soaking blackthorn (known as sloe) in distilled gin. Over a century ago, it was a refined sipping tipple, either made at home and consumed in the English countryside after a hunt or received from select brands and savored by bartenders. With time, it fell from favor and ultimately the quality dipped. Since, a few brands have ventured back into the territory—but with Boodles Mulberry Gin, there’s a distinct difference that allows it to receive the title: the first of its kind imported to the US from England. This warming, spiced spirit—clocking in at 30% ABV—utilizes the mulberry fruit instead of sloe and while akin and in the tradition of sloe gin, it’s arguably more dynamic.

In addition to the mulberry notes, there’s also a hint of raspberry and currant for a fruit-forward flavor. Shining through from its gin base: sage, rosemary and even nutmeg lend to the overall profile. The consistency is almost viscous, especially when chilled—but it foregoes “cough syrup” associations because of the richness of the spice. As for how to drink it, neat works just fine, or even over ice. That said, upon its debut we had the opportunity to try it in punch form and the following recipe makes for a flavorful party batch drink suited for all the fall and winter holidays.

Proper Punch

3 parts Boodles Mulberry Gin

3 parts apple cider

1 part fresh orange juice

Splash of lemon juice


Cinnamon stick

Combine all liquid ingredients, stir, garnish with cinnamon sticks and cloves. Serve cold—or warm it before adding garnishes, if preferred.

Pre-order Boodles’ Mulberry Gin online for $29, with delivery expected 15 November 2015.

Images courtesy of Boodles Gin