Brad’s Raw 4 Paws

Healthy raw treats for dogs

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While the raw food revolution transforms the eating habits of health conscious humans, Brad’s Raw Foods—known for their savory vegetable based chips, crackers and crunchy kale—is launching a line of raw treats for dogs. We found the exuberant Brad’s Raw team at the Fancy Food Show, sharing samples of their raw snacks for humans and debuting their new raw bone shaped treats for man’s best friend.


Brad’s Raw 4 Paws comes in six flavors including Apple-tizer, Garden Gourmet, Pizza Pizzazz, Pouch-Pourri, Yappy yam and the favorite dark purple Up-Beet. Having started eating a raw food diet in 2006, Brad Gruno of Brad’s Raw developed his line of snack foods to satisfy his craving for crunchy foods that would help him continue to eat in the healthy way that helped him lose weight and gain energy, and has parlayed his extensive knowledge of living foods to create the wholesome dog biscuits. With the new line he has devised another variety of raw food snacks good enough for human consumption, but tailored specifically to dogs.

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Their gluten-free, organic, vegan, non GMO biscuits are made from whole vegetables, fruit and seeds that are gently dehydrated at low temperatures to maintain the nutritional value of each item. The ingredient list—apples, buckwheat, carrot, parsley, kale, beets, tomatoes, yams and sea salt—reads like a recipe for a fresh chopped salad. Components like antioxidant-rich kale help promote a healthy liver and protect against cancer and arthritis. Plus, feeding biscuits that are free of animal products, fillers, preservatives, extenders and chemicals makes you think about reading the labels of the other pet foods and snacks and ultimately devise a healthier plan for your pet.

Anyone who owns a dog and has dropped a slice of apple, carrot or brussels sprouts have seen firsthand how much dogs love raw foods. Now with Brad’s Raw 4 Paws, dogs can benefit from raw, nutrient-rich superfoods too and the dogs we’ve fed the snacks have indeed been begging for more.

Brad’s Raw 4 Paws is available in their online shop and Amazon for $8 for a 3oz box.

Images by Julie Wolfson