Fine and Raw Chocolates


Incredibly rich and delicious, Fine and Raw Fine and Raw are made using artisan low heat techniques to preserve raw vitality. Made from sustainably-produced shade grown raw cacao harvested from the Ecuadorian rainforest, the chocolates contain no sugar, dairy or additives and have a creamy soft consistency on par with the normal stuff. Loaded with anti-oxidants, magnesium and other nutrients, the chocolates are made with the finest Blue Agave Nectar (a low gylcemic sweetener with fewer calories than sugar), coconut oil and are packed with electrolytes. The ingredient Himalayan Sea Salt contains all the minerals and trace elements that comprise the human body. The eco-friendly ingredients combined with the health benefits of the raw preparation method make these chocolates a guilt-free treat.

Fine and Raw chocolates are $7 and are available at several Manhattan locations including Catherine Slip Organic Avenue ,Live Live and Jivamukti Yoga, as well as at the Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.