Brown Paper Chocolates


Reinventing chocolate in both form and function, Brown Paper Chocolates come in the shape of a cube and are studded with delicious flavor combos. From the unusual, like strawberry-balsamic-marsala-mint in white chocolate or almond-tequila-chile, to the more expected espresso-kahlua-cocoa nibs, all of the ingredients are high quality and minimally processed. No other approach to white chocolate has won us over in quite the same way.


Founder Richard Kaplan shared several ways to enjoy Brown Paper Chocolates when we tasted them at his booth at the Fancy Food Show recently. Slivers are perfect for pairing with wine or for when you just want a little something sweet, but we were most intrigued by Kaplan's suggestions of grating the white chocolate with lemon, rum and thyme over a salad. He also recommends shaving the blocks over desserts and coffee—you can't really go wrong. They're available at select specialty retailers, like Whole Foods, and online here for $7 each.