Derry Church Artisan Chocolates

Small batch chocolates packing perfectly balanced flavor punches in each small bite


With their delicious chocolate ganache bars and bonbons, Derry Church Artisan Chocolates mix chocolate mastery and intense flavor, making each creative combination as palatable as the next. The bars, their newest sweets, do not disappoint.

Standing out among the Pennsylvania-based chocolatiers’ collection, The Burlington bar pairs a flavorful blend of milk chocolate ganache, maple syrup and roasted pecans. All housed in a milk chocolate shell, the bonbon echoes a bite-sized pecan pie balanced out by mouthwatering chocolate.

DerryBentoBlack.jpg Derry30pc.jpg

Another of Derry Church’s triumphs is the Veracruz Ganache bar, a bittersweet chocolate filled with white chocolate ganache. While white chocolates are often overly sweet, the Veracruz instead plays up the subtle flavor of the cocoa butter itself, resulting in a perfectly-balanced bar that gushes with white chocolate.


Derry Church’s bon bons also offer an array of tasteful combinations; The variety pack includes flavors such as chipotle peppers in white chocolate (the Oaxaca) and butterscotch in bittersweet chocolate shell (the Edinburgh). Our favorites include the Kandahar—pomegranate molasses with white chocolate, the Cairo—date paste with balsamic vinegar reduction, and the aforementioned Oaxaca.

Mostly organic and handmade, Derry Chocolates sell online with prices beginning at $18 for a nine-piece box.