CH Gift Guide: Cool Hunting and NY Mouth

Our delicious exclusive and other epicurean delights to give and get


As the winter weather pushes us inside, our kitchens inevitably heat up with holiday parties and dinners done indoors. We were thrilled to work with our friends at New York Mouth—hands down the best purveyors of handmade, artisanal culinary products—on a collection of our favorite food finds. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find, along with a selection of kitchen tools to get cooking from our 2012 Gift Guide.

A Very Cool Hunting Holiday Taster for New York Mouth

The perfect gift for the discerning palette or obsessed epicurean, A Very Cool Hunting Holiday Taster is now available exclusively through New York Mouth. The limited edition bounty includes perennial favorites, limited-edition varieties and seasonal treats you can’t get anywhere else.

ny-mouth-ch-taster-7.jpg ny-mouth-ch-taster-6.jpg

Among the items exclusive to the taster are Uncommon‘s cheerful Pickled Persimmons—since New York Mouth bought up the whole batch, this is your only chance to get your hands on them. Papabubble gets us in the holiday spirit with a batch of Passion Fruit flavored hard candies printed with the aptly sweet message “CH hearts NYM” on each one.

ny-mouth-ch-taster-9.jpg ny-mouth-ch-taster-8.jpg

Other treats include Battenkill Brittle seeded energy bars from Vermont, Right Tasty‘s refreshing Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette, Pok Pok vinegar beverage, June Taylor‘s Candied Citrus Peels, Gordy’s special batch of Giardiniera pickled vegetables, Froehlich‘s Green Pear Tomato Martini Pickles, Woodblock Bean-to-Bar Chocolates, Colt’s Bolt Peanut Butter Cups and The Jam Stand‘s Spice Apple Cider Jam. To top it all off, the taster includes a $50 NY Mouth gift certificate so you can stock up on your favorites. A Very Cool Hunting Holiday Taster is available for $200 exclusively through New York Mouth’s website, and CH readers can receive a special $25 discount on the taster by entering the code CHMOUTH12 at checkout.

RightTastyMeyerLemonBottle600.jpg JamStandAppleJar900.jpg

More Foodie Gifts from the CH Gift Guide

ny-mouth-ch-taster-2.jpg ny-mouth-ch-taster-3.jpg
Happy Chopper

Chopping onions is often a teary affair, but theses solid beech wood boards will cheer up even the saddest of slicers with its cheeky grin-shaped handle. The twice-oiled wood also makes the board more scratch resistant—yet another detail worth smiling about.

QOOQ Tablet

This French cooking platform offers easy-to-follow video recipes on a splash-resistant tablet designed for the kitchen counter. Tools like meal planners, portioning and shopping lists by the aisle make prep simple. Videos can also be viewed online, and are available as a monthly subscription.

ny-mouth-ch-taster-4.jpg ny-mouth-ch-taster-5.jpg

Margriet Foolen’s terracotta and silicone slowcooker cooks/steams food like a traditional tangine, retaining the natural vitamins and flavor of the ingredients. The modern, spaceship-like design also makes it an elegant serving piece.

Grillworks’ 42 Asador HD Rotisserie Grill

Specifically geared towards power grillers, Grillworks’ luxe new rotisserie model features a floating brick backing to reflect and retain heat as well as a crankwheel and axel for rotating up to 80lbs of meat.