Chocolat 15-18


The humidor is the first sign that Montréal-based Chocolat 15-18 takes itself very seriously. So seriously, that they named the company after the temperature maintained by the humidor, an ideal 15º-18º Celsius (59º-64º Fahrenheit).

Inside the humidor are simple but elegant boxes that contain three flights of chocolate. Each flight contains four handmade chocolates of increasing intensity. They are all single-origin and meant to be eaten consecutively: Grenada (60% cocoa), Sao Tomé (70% cocoa), St. Domingo (67% cocoa) and Tanzania (73% cocoa). A little contrived, perhaps. A little pompous, perhaps. But there's no arguing with the results: Your tongue will thank you for the journey.

The man behind the chocolate is Christophe Morel, who won Canada's Chocolate Grand Prix in 2003.

Currently available only in Montréal at a few select locations.