Chocolate Gourmet

Drool-worthy truffles, cookies and more, all made from all-natural ingredients

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Chicago-based Chocolate Gourmet, the perfect after dinner treat or midday snack, will tickle your tastebuds for an unbelievably mouth-watering experience. We fell in love with their all-natural Chubby Wubby cookie sandwiches a few months ago, and are pleased to announce their newest editions, the “Fair and Square” Blondie and the “Loco” Tequila Truffle (pictured above).

pb-square.jpg raspberry-square.jpg

Chocolate Gourmet’s extensive assortment of desserts also include cookies, truffles, squares and rugelach. The “ugly truffles” have clever names such as Homley Hazelnut, Messed Up Mocha, Morning After Merlow, Not in Mint Condition and Hairy Coconut. The cookies are also cleverly named, with Maternal Macadamia Nut, Over Protective Pecan and Precocious Peanut Butter as some of our favorites.

Whether you want to bite into one particular flavor or try all they have to offer, the company is flexible by offering different purchasing packages. Visit the Chocolate Gourmet site to purchase. Cookie gift boxes start at $22, truffle boxes start at $27 and bundles start at $60.