Goji Berry Cookies

Tasty little cookies packed with the antioxidant-rich Goji berry


Goji berry cookies feature the antioxidant fighting power of Goji berries, the Chinese fruit famous for its bountiful health benefits. Made by NYC-based Goji Gourmet, a new bakery dedicated to deliciously healthy fare, the dessert incorporates other “Superfoods such as almonds, oats, oranges, ginger, honey, and walnuts to ensure that your sweet snacks still contribute to your overall well-being.”

The cookies come in intriguing flavor combos including Cherry Cacao, Ginger Walnut, Almond Oat, Orange Mint Chip and the inimitable Chocolate Chip. The ginger walnut and cherry chocolate were our favorites, but nearly all complimented the taste of the Goji berry.

GojiTwoPack.jpg GojiWalnutCrop.jpg

At around 20 calories per cookie and with a nice balance of texture, moisture and density, the cookies offer a great way to infuse antioxidants into snack-time. The treats sell online from Gourmet Goji or from retailers nationwide, with prices starting at $3.