Citadelle Gin

Gin produced in a French cognac distillery with botanicals from all over the world


As the current gin revival continues to play off its speakeasy roots, the latest premium example departs from the French label Citadelle Gin. Distilled using historic techniques and a bevy of flavorful and aromatic botanicals from around the world, the spirit exists in a class that few other gins share.

Followed by a lingering and complex aftertaste, classic juniper berries compliment notes of anise and fresh flower notes, making for a flavorful reinvention of the classic spirit. Balanced and refined, it packs a 44% alcohol content that’s well-balanced with the subtle tastes.


The unique flavor profile is the result of 19 botanicals sourced from around the world, ranging from Sri Lankan cinnamon to almonds and lemon rind from Spain, Grains of Paradise from West Africa and Moroccan coriander to licorice from China. But this heady mix is only introduced after the fourth intensive distilling process—which involves heating whole grain wheat from the Beauce region (the same used to make classic French bread) over a naked flame, and brewing with natural spring water to create the neutral spirit.


The company got its start however as the team behind Cognac Ferrand, who use the same copper stills to make gin during the season that France limits cognac production.

Taking the name of the distillery itself, the younger brand pays homage to the original Citadelle in the historic port city of Dunkirk, France where Carpeau and Stival made gin using copper pot stills and the vast array of spices and botanicals coming into the port from around the world.

Available online as well as from several liquor stores across the country, Citadelle Gin sells for the suggested retail price of $25 for a 750ml bottle.