Cocktail Kingdom: Copper Collection

Stand-apart bar tools inspired by the copper stills that make the very spirits they mix


It’s rare that a set of bar tools is as eye-catching at the new Copper Collection from NYC-based purveyor of professional barware Cocktail Kingdom. Inspired by the copper stills that produce the spirits they’re intended to mix, the copper-plated collection injects a bit of character into the sometimes homogenous product category. Intended for both professional and home use, the range comprises every tool a barman or woman might need—as well as handsome Moscow Mule mugs that only improve with age.

While the collection is visually striking, the quality of materials and construction is just as evident. The heavy duty Japanese-style shaker and jigger each carry a weight that gives them a solid, sturdy feel. While you don’t need a fancy set of tools to make a killer cocktail, it’s certainly fun to spruce to up the home bar or standout in the commercial space—after all, a good drink is about the entire experience.

The full Copper Collection—which also includes mugs, bitters bottles, muddlers, tridents—is available online.

Photos by Hans Aschim