Dave’s Sweet Tooth

The ultimate handmade, homemade, Michigan-made toffee


The team behind Dave’s Sweet Tooth keep their sugary treats simple. Before indulging in a chunk of their decadent brittle, turn the packaging around for a reassuringly uncomplicated list of ingredients—almonds, butter, sugar and milk chocolate. Each batch is made individually to ensure that the final product is always melt-in-your-mouth worthy, and so that the expert brittle crafters can keep each batch consistent. Dave’s Sweet Tooth boasts that because their products are handmade, homemade and Michigan-made, they’ve never had an unsatisfied customer—so they’ve pledged to always work at a small scale.


The abundance of deliciousness comes in four unbeatable brittle flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee toffee and the new peanut butter crunch. We encourage you to go with your gut and pick whichever flavor you usually love best—though none will disappoint your sweet tooth. Each of Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffees is expertly crafted for the ideal nutty crunch to teeth-gluing caramel ratio.

The brand can be found far and wide across Michigan and is sold online for those elsewhere—or for anyone in need of a toffee subscription. Eight and 20-ounce jars are available for $12 and $20 respectively.

Photos by Lauren Espeseth