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Detox and cleanse with Dr. Frank Lipman's easy-to-use programs


Since 1992
Dr. Frank Lipman
and his Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City have been the go-to practice for those seeking wholistic care. A South African M.D. who studied Eastern medicine in China and a practitioner of
Integrative Medicine
, Dr. Lipman looks at the whole of a person’s health rather than focus singularly on a specific symptom or illness. Having written
several books
and articles on health, wellness and nutrition, he’s a growing voice in the Integrative Medicine community.

Over the years Lipman has worked with thousands of patients, tailoring programs to address their particular issues. Oftentimes he created regimens of various vitamins and supplements, meticulously-sourced and increasingly manufactured to his specifications—requiring patients to mix powders and take a custom assortment of pills multiple times a day. Eventually, he noticed that many had similar issues and found assembling the assorted supplements burdensome. In 2010 he created three easy-to-use kits that address the concerns he treats most frequently: detoxing and cleansing the body to perform optimally; reviving your body’s metabolism to function optimally; and sustaining it with a balance of vitamins and supplements. The kits include pre-measured powders that mix into liquid to create shakes and vitamin/supplement packs that make following the programs extremely easy. Another benefit of the kits is their low price and accessibility to both current patients of Lipman’s practice and those who’d like to take part but don’t have easy access.


Last year, a visit to Dr. Lipman (who I’ve seen for many years) ended with the suggestion of following the Remove and Revive programs. Several others at CH HQ also decided to give it a try and six weeks later we were feeling great and enjoying a weight loss of around 10 pounds each. Read on to learn what we did.

We started with the
Remove program
, an aggressive but manageable two-week program geared at detoxing the body’s organs while replenishing it with a range of beneficial nutrients. Three shakes and three supplement packs a day plus two meals produced the desired results. We found this pretty easy, but some may find the removal of gluten, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and many animal proteins more challenging. Following the program at home was a breeze, meals out were usually easy enough to assemble, and because you aren’t limited by volume (of the right foods) we were’t ever hungry. We all saw some weight loss and a noticeable improvement in energy, though not without a few rough days from caffeine withdrawal and a few days when we would have loved a drink from the well-stocked CH bar.


The Revive
kit, a four-week program similar to Remove, was next. You start the day with a shake and a supplement pack, and follow a less restrictive diet. The addition of more animal proteins and foods we missed made this painless, and eating out became even easier. We all continued to see benefits—more weight loss, sustained balance in our energy levels and we made an effort to work out more than we had been. Most importantly we began to integrate a lot of what we learned into our post-program daily routines.

Sustain, a twice-a-day supplement pack created to help your body fight stress and ensure you power up with essential nutrients, is the last and least hardcore of the kits.

Dr. Lipman’s Remove ($200 for the two week kit), Revive ($230 for the four week kit) and Sustain ($130 for the four week kit) all sell online from the
Eleven Eleven Wellness site