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Pyrat XO Reserve and Cask 23 Rums


Discovered on a recent trip to Anguilla (though available everywhere) these blended rums make for some fine sipping. Unlike the sweet garden variety rums (or worse, the new fad of flavored rums) that you add to Coke or other mixers, these rums are made to be enjoyed solo, like fine Tequila or Cognac. Blended, aged and bottled in Anguilla, they're made from a variety of Caribbean rums. The Pyrat XO Reserve is a blend of many 15 year old rums and is an affordable addition to any bar. We found it online for around $50. For the serious connoisseur the Pyrat Cask 23 may be in order. Blended from 40 year old rums and further aged in an oak cask to a remarkable result. It may be the best rum I've tasted. Precious few bottles of this little liquid luxury are made. The pleasure will set you back around $300, and can be ordered online here.


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