Five Elevated Gin Cocktails

NOLET’S Gin taps the masters at NYC's The Plaza and The Baccarat Hotels for something extraordinary

If you’re already over the G&T and don’t really fancy the gin martini, these five cocktails might just be for you. These are no average mixed drinks, but are drawn from the imagination of the bartending teams at two of New York’s most acclaimed hotels: The Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court and The Bar at The Baccarat Hotel & Residences (specifically, award-winning bartender James Menite at The Plaza and lead bartender Emily Collins of the Baccarat). And all of them feature NOLET’S Gin. Four of the five feature NOLET’S Silver, the brand’s base spirit which incorporates Turkish rose, peach, and raspberry into the botanical mix. The fifth drink sports the world’s most expensive gin: NOLET’S Reserve.

The Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court

Zelda’s Champagne Cocktail

Light and refreshing, Zelda’s Champagne Cocktail also incorporates two other luxuriant ingredients: Jasmine Pearl tea and champagne. Lemongrass sugar sweetens the deal and adds another botanical note. Altogether, this is a floral concoction with effervescence.

1.5 oz NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin

1.25 oz Jasmine Pearl Tea

2 Tbls lemongrass sugar

3 oz Moet Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne

Stir all ingredients except champagne until sugar is muddled. Pour into a chilled champagne glass. Top with champagne. Garnish with lemon peel.

The Luxe Cocktail

This is what happens when you mix gin, tequila and rum. A potent, powerful beverage with plenty of substance, the Luxe Cocktail does not shy away from being alcohol forward. Remarkably, however, the notes of each do come through. Tequila leads the pack, rum rounds it out, but the gin underlying from start to finish.

1.5 oz NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin

.75 oz Don Julio Blanco Tequila

.75 oz Zacapa “Centenario” 23 Solera Rum

.50 oz Sweet vermouth

2 dashes housemade rosemary bitters

Stir all ingredients. Pour into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with fresh orange peel.

The Baccarat

Stone Rose Bouquet

Fruit dominates the Stone Rose Bouquet, but in a vibrant way. A bit of raspberry syrup counters fresh lemon juice. Lavender syrup encourages the gin’s botanicals. And altogether, there’s a nuanced bouquet of refreshment.

1.5 oz NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin

.25 oz raspberry syrup

.5 oz fresh lemon juice

.5 oz St Germain

.75 oz Lavender syrup

In a shaking tin, combine all of the ingredients. Shake for dilution. Strain over fresh ice in a high ball glass, splash of club soda and garnish with a lemon wedge

Sunset Kiss

Easier to construct but no less complex on the tongue, the Sunset Kiss draws its supporting flavors from Lillet Rose and Dolin Blanc. There’s a welcome dryness to the creation—and the dashes of grapefruit bitters provide a citrus boost.

2 oz NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin

.5 oz Lillet Rose

.75 oz Dolin Blanc

4 dashes grapefruit bitters

In a mixing glass combine all of the ingredients using a jigger. Using a stirring spoon, stir to dilution. Strain into a coupe glass and add a grapefruit zest.

Le Roi

Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that this costs a hefty $375 at the Baccarat Hotel’s bar. The reason for this happens to be the base spirit, Nolet Reserve, which itself sells for around $700 a bottle. And the reason behind that is the substantial amount of saffron and verbena that has been added to the spirit. Those elements do not go unnoticed, and when partnered with vodka and bolstered by Lillet Rose, one is left with a drink of uncommon merit.

2 oz NOLET’S Reserve

1 oz Grey Goose VX

.5 oz Lillet Rose

Expressed grapefruit peel

In a mixing glass, combine all of the ingredients using a jigger. Using a stirring spoon, stir to dilution but not to over-dilute. Strain into a coupe glass and zest with a grapefruit piece and discard. The grapefruit does not go into the glass.

Images by Joe Gallo