Foodzie, much like an Etsy for food, is a website that sells artisinal goods made by small specialized companies, allowing consumers to discover amazing localized goods from passionate producers. From private farms to home kitchens, the products are all high-quality and free from artificial ingredients usually found in processed foods.

With treats such as Passion Fruit Marshmallows by L.A.-based BonBonBar and Freddy Guys Hazelnut Sampler (pictured right), as well as interviews with producers, a blog, recipes and plenty of other inspiring content, a visit to the site offers more than just an alternative to the grocery store.


The "Meet the Producers" section provides backstory on how the recipes were created, where the ingredients are from and bios about the people that put so much time and effort into the delectable recipes. "Interview with a Producer" goes a little more in-depth with insight into how they started, which products they like the most, how they like them prepared and possible future endeavors.


For locavores, the well-planned startup even allows customers to shop by region, enabling a nearly guiltless gourmet experience.